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Healing Technology   
Switch your brain into healing.


VieLight helps with increasing the speed of adaptability.  Alpha is for decreasing anxiety. Gamma is for Alzheimers and memory.
BrainTap helps to reprogram your subconcious so that you make better decisions. Programs include PTSD, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss and many more.
Bio-Well balances your Chakras and energy field.  It uses your biophotons to create music using 9 Tibetan Bowls that is personalized to you.
NuCalm resets your sleep cycle and calms your nervous system.  Using polyvagal therapy, binaural beats, GABA, and more to reset your nervous system.
Video Exercises

Neurofeedback trains the brain using visual and auditory feedback.  This is used for depression, ADHD, concussion, sleep, and more.
Shockwave breaks down scar tissue and increases new blood to heal trauma tissue.  Great for plantar fascitis and chronic joint and soft tissue injuries.
Video Exercises gives you prescribed strengthening and stretching programs that are easily followed.  This reenforces your bodies healing process.
Biofeedback gives you tools to manage your state.  Training your breathing with HRV positively trains your ability to calm yourself when anxious.
Assessment Technology
Baseline readings of stored stress in your brain and body.​
Heart Rate Variability
Everyday Technology
"I use this to help keep me in a peak state"
Human Charger
Using full spectrum light to combat Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).  "Using the human charger has boosted my energy, and my patients that travel say it helps them acclimate much quicker". Highly Recommeded
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Binaural Beats (App)
Using Binuaral beats to bring a sense of calm.  Simply in one ear you hear one frequency in the other ear is a different frequency, the brain then creates a third frequency. This frequrency can increase focus, decrease anxiety, and create more energy.  Highly Recommended
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Meditation (App)
Guided meditation is an easy way to go on a journey into self.  Shuting eyes, taking a break from all your senses gives you the ability to have in-sight.  So many distractions in the world today that when you meditate it allows you to remember who your are and why your here.  
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