It starts with self-love

Your choices are made based on how much you are in love with yourself.  With self-love comes action steps that are in alignment with raising your health and your feelings.  When you are love you eat healthier, you exercise, you feel gratitude, and see love in all those around you. 
Everything you are right now is perfect and together we are stronger.
Lets begin.


Balance is essential to a healthy, truly abundant life
Extremity Adjusting
Trained in upper shoulder, elbow and wrist adjusting and lower foot, knee and hip.  This can aleviate instantly foot pain to carpal tunnel pain.
Cranial Adjusting
Trained in freeing cranial bones.  This picture shows a sphenoid adjustment which can alleviate many types of headaches.  Other adjustments are for the TMJ, hearing, and sinuses.
Activator Adjusting
"The System"
Using a technique based on Applied Kinesiology (AK) to assess your health and determine your treatment.  With little to know information using this intuitive technique Dr. Scott will determine your plan to elevate your health and which techniques to use during your care visits.
Scared of a manual adjustment. Then this alteranative adjusting technique uses and instrument with no rotation to the spine.  Can be used on a baby.
Full Body Alignment
Discover your health
Education is at the forefront of all health programs.  Its the meaning of why we do what we do. I give you the 'why'.  Why water, why walk, why meditate... 
23+ years of adjusting traditional Chiropractic.  A master with over 10,000 hours.  Discover what it feels like to have a gentle effective adjustment.

Vibrational Healing

Everything is made of energy, and at the quantum level, we humans (along with everything else) operate vibrationally. This means with the right frequency, sound and music can heal us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  In simple terms Healthy cells (body) have a high vibration, dis-ease is a lower vibration, disease is very low and death has no vibration.  Creating health requires raising your vibration, for example food that is high vibration is alive, as we process our food we lower its vibration and energy, which if we eat will lower ours.  Using principles of vibration in your care creates profound results. Here I am using brain tuner alpha wave.  By holding it in close proximity to the brain coherence will occur because of the principles of sound and binaural beats.  Finishing the session with this helps you  stay calm.
"While the tuning forks were be using used my body was shaking.
That night I slept the fist time in 7 years.  My wife woke me because she
thought they I may have died. 
I was on my way back to me."
Bruno Farro

The Heal Room

Using the frequency of light and vibration of sound we tranform your treatment into an experience that elevates your healing.
Thank-you Adel from SOUNDSCAPE for bringing our creation to light.


After your treatment you remain in a theta state.  Using Technology and other practitioners we start to use a focused neuroplastic state acceleration.
Technology like: VieLight, BrainTap, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, BioCore, NuCalm, Spooky. 

Dig Deep
One session with Spooky and my Candida was gone.  I recommend this for anyone looking for next level healing.
Brooke K

Team at LPHC

Acupuncture, Phsyical Therapy, Biohacker, Massage,  Natural Nutritionist and others helps us reach our goals faster.

Lawrence Park Health Clinic